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Acme SS57 - Titanic Mates
Acme 15 - Metropolitan
Acme 47 - Lady Metropolitan
Acme 12 - Boatswain
$19.95 $13.20 $12.70 $35.50
 Whistle that was supplied to the White Star Line for use on the Titanic in 1912.   This high decibel whistle can be heard up to one mile away. This high decibel whistle can be heard up to one mile away. The high-pitched notes can be heard in the worst gales.
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Acme 49.5 - Officials Scouts
Acme 147 - Siren
Acme 472 - American Song
American Slide Whistle
$15.25 $46.95 $43.00 $20.00
6.5cm long, medium tone. Sometimes known as the cyclist’s road clearer. Fitted with a sliding plunger, produces a wide range of effects. A high quality metal slide Whistle. Made in the USA. Whistle is 12 inches in length.
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Acme 143 - Two Tone Small
Acme 144 - Two Tone Large
Acme 444 - Brass Samba
Acme 475 - Plastic Samba
$21.00 $23.00 $16.50 $9.25
Brass nickel plated. Produces train type sound. 9cm long. Brass nickel plated. Produces tug boat type sound. 11cm long. Produces the traditional sounds of Brazilian carnival.  Produces the traditional sounds of Brazilian carnival. 
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Acme 171 - Reed Horn
Acme 161 - Metropolitan Chain
Acme 92 - Boatswain Chain
Cow Bell
$48.00 $10.00 $22.00 $22.00
Nickel plated with A type reed (soft note). 15cm long. Special Design for use with Metropolitan whistle 35 cm in length. Boatswain Pipe chain lanyard. 67cm long with a swivel snap hook. Each bell achieves a unique patina - no 2 alike.
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Sports Whistles
Sports Whistles - Dozen
Kazoos - Dozen
$0.49 $4.99 $0.35 $2.99
Sport Whistles come in Baseball, Basketball, and Soccer.  Package of a dozen contains 4 Baseball, 4 Basketball, 4 Soccer Whistles.  Shiny Metallic, these plastic music-makers make fun, musical sounds.   Orders of a dozen contains 3 each of Pink, Purple, Gold, and Blue.
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