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Acme 210.5 - Dog Whistle
Acme 535 - Silent Dog Whistle
Acme 211.5 - Dog Whistle
Acme 575 - Shepherds Metal
$5.95 $34.00 $5.95 $8.00
Easy blowing - high pitch no cork dog whistle. Acme best selling dog whistle.  Ultra sonic adjustable frequencies it can be heard for long distances. The 211.5 is ideally suited to Retrievers with a single frequency of 4850Hz. Produces a widely varying and easy controlled range of pitches.
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Acme 576 - Shepherds Plastic
Acme 642 - Combo Dog Whistle
Acme 901 - Hellova
Acme 504 - Fox/Predator
$4.00 $20.50 $13.25 $6.50
Produces a widely varying and easy controlled range of pitches. Combines the 560 Thunderer with the 210.5. More than twice as loud as a conventional whistle. Weather and shatterproof.  Makes the quiet sounds of a bird or small animal that’s injured. 
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Acme 263 - Jay Call
Acme 553 - Curlew/Peewit
Acme 574 - Duck Call
Acme 670 - Camouflage
$21.50 $11.95 $31.00 $3.65
An amazingly whistle that will produce bird ,wind ,and steam train effects. Makes the two-note song of this well-known marsh bird. Plastic with rubber over grip. Adjustable reed. Can be used for dog training or for an emergency. Medium to high-pitch.
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Acme 640 - Combo Dog Whistle
2 in 1 whistle with high and standard frequency for two distinct commands.      
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